Atomy Q&A

1) What is Atomy?
Atomy is a skincare MLM founded in 2009 in Korea. It was founded by CEO Han-Gil Park. Atomy selling around 15,000 products including skincare, Health food, daily use products etc. in South Korea.
Direct Selling News announced 2019 that Atomy ranked world top 20 MLM Company. It is going to open in India expected 2nd quarter of 2020.

2) What does Atomy sell?
Atomy primarily sells skincare and other personal care products, but they sell several other types of products: health supplements, makeup, laundry/dish detergent, kitchen items (like gloves), food, coffee, and tea. Membership is required to buy anything from Atomy, but membership is completely free. You just need an Atomy member to give you a referral code.

3) What are Atomy’s most popular products?
Atomy’s most popular product categories are definitely their personal care and cosmetics product lines. As for their most popular products, they are Evening Care 4 Set, Atomy Skin Care 6 System, Hair & Body Set, and HemoHim.

4) How do I become an Atomy distributor?
When you become a member, you’re automatically a distributor. You do need a sponsor to become a member. You can then buy products at their membership pricing and sell them for a profit.

5) Recommended?
Most of Atomy Products are good enough and you don’t have to pay or do anything to become a member, leaving the business opportunity available but not a requirement. There can’t be much harm in becoming a member, even if you never end up buying or selling Atomy products.


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    1. Dear Haris, I sent you email.
      feel free and contact to us.

      Whatsapp : Live chat – Join ATOMY

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    1. Yes we always welcome you.
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