Why Atomy Q&A

1. Is membership approval is possible in case of non-authentication?

In case of non-authentication, the membership application it will be automaticaaly blocked.

2. What is the standard of non-performance that can be done?

Members who are inactive for more than 1 months can be settled down.

3. Can Atomy India members re-join the membership after 12 months of their non-performance?

After 12 months of non-performance, an Atomy India member can rejoin their membership. However it is not automatically possible.

4. How Many Total Products Atomy India Going to Launch?

In India we expect to launch at least 50 products in the beginning. And we will continue to bring more products as we move ahead.

5. When Payout Will Start?

After official launch of Atomy India and on the basis of your PVs and group PVs.

6. How Our Uplines And Sponsors Are Getting Products Before the Launch of Atomy India? Can We Get the Products Before Launching?

It’s illegal to bring Atomy products in India for commercial purposes. One can bring for personal use.

7. Can I Buy Products from Atomy India Office?

No, you won’t be able to. Products only can be purchased from shopping mall and delivered at your location. We are also evaluating other options like pick up from education centers etc.

8. Is Atomy India Going to Launch Clothes?

In Korea we’re having fashion related products. Same would be evaluated for Atomy India in due course.

9. What Will Happen If Atomy India Suddenly Shut Down?

This kind of situation won’t happen as Atomy India has done long term investment in office infrastructure and warehouse. We are also committed for next 100 years.

10. How Can I Trust Atomy Products?

We highly recommend that you test/use before recommending to other consumers/members.

11. Why Should We Go for Atomy Products?

Atomy supplies the products with Absolute Quality Absolute price.

12. How Can We Add Bank Details?

Once we have Atomy India official website then you’ll have the opportunity to fill the bank details. You may have to provide your own bank account cancel cheque for processing the commission.

13. How Many Days It Will Take to Activate The ID?

Now it is done automatically.

14. Is There Any Proof That Kolmar Is Manufacturing Products for Atomy?

Manufacturing and imported by information are mandatory as per Govt. Of India. The same would be available on product packaging.

15. How Atomy Going to Deliver Products in Rural Area?

We are working on the maximum coverage PAN India.

16. Do Atomy Have Electronics Products?

We are having only few electronic items like Air Purifier, Hair dryer etc.

17. When Will the Atomy India Website Gets Start?

We expect that it will be officially launched in Q2(Apr-June), 2020.

18. What If Few ID’s Are Not Getting Open?

Contact your upline/sponsor or contact Customer Support in Korea.

19. What If ID’s Are Not Getting Verified?

Contact your upline/sponsor or contact Customer Support in Korea.

20. When Official Pre-Launching Seminar will happen?

We are working on the same. It would be communicated in due course.

21. Is It Tie Up with Aza Mall?

No, there is no such tie-up with Aza mall or any other online shopping platform so far in India.

22. How to Calculate PV’s?

Every product has associated PVs. Please visit : https://www.atomy.com:449/us/Home/Product/MallMain (Atomy US Website)

23. How Long It will Take to Deliver the Products?

The delivery from warehouse to your location depends upon the distance and geography. This would be after the start of business in India.

24. What is Mastership ?

There are different level of membership achievement defined by Atomy for the members who qualify certain criteria and accordingly upon the performance and the PVs earned they are awarded the mastership.

For more details please visit : https://www.atomy.com:449/us/Home/Business/MarketingPlan

25. What is Hemohim? What are the ingredients?

Hemohim is a health supplement which is used to increase immune system. The ingredients used in Hemohim are Angelica Gigas, Cnidium Officinale (root), Paeonia Japonica (root). The analysis for the product has been done by EPA & FDA regulations.

26. How many seats can I book for visit?

Currently 46 seats are available. The booking can be done on hourly basis(except Sat, Sun and National Holidays)

27. What is Atomy’s India Facebook group and how can I become member ?

Facebook Group is http://bit.ly/FacebookAtomyIndiaOfficial. You can request to Join the Atomy India official group on http://bit.ly/FacebookAtomyIndiaOfficial

28. Can I get a sample product of Atomy for Trial purpose?

Sorry, Atomy doesn’t do promotions and therefore don’t have trial products.

29. How can I come and visit the Atomy India Gurgaon Office?

You can call Atomy India CS Centre at 0124-4173622

between 09:00 hrs. ? 17:00 hrs.

and book the slots available as per your convenience

30. When can I contact Atomy India office, what is the contact number?

You can contact Atomy India Customer Support Centre any time between 09:00 hrs. ? 17:00 hrs. (Except Sat/Sun/National Holidays).

The contact number is 0124-4173622

31. Which is the nearest education center in my place?

We will soon inform the criteria for giving permission to open Education Center.

32. What is Atomy Education Center?

Education Center is run by members subject to approval and Center Manager takes care of respective Center. Objective is to create designated place for attending queries, product trainings & meetings on regular basis.

33. When is Atomy India going to introduce/open its next branch and in which of the cities?

Depending on the interest and business volume we will open further branches.

34. When are we going to launch India business and when can we start to get commissions?

We are going to launch in Q2(Apr-June), 2020. Whereas commission fully depends on your performance.

35. I am member and my upline or downline leaves or is removed from the position. How will it affect my business?

This will not affect your business or position. You will continue to receive the same privilege.

36. I would like to get some modification in my account or want account password reset

As of now you’re registering as consumer member in Korea.

You can contact your upline/contact sponsor or contact Customer Support in Korea Customer Support: +82-1544-8580

Fax +82-02-888-4802

Email: atomy@atomy.kr

37. How many products are there in Korea and how many products are we launching in India?

We have around 450+ products in Korea. In India we expect to launch around 50 products in the beginning. And we will continue to add more products as we move ahead.

38. Can you share the price list for products coming to India?

The prices for products coming to India is still in process. The same would be shared after finalization

39. I’m Indian Atomy member in another Atomy international corporation. Can I change my membership under Atomy India?

You can do so if you have been a member in another country with legitimate qualifications. We will inform in future about the required documents.

40. Can I make and use my own advertising material?

Personal advertising materials are not allowed. You are not allowed to use the Atomy trademark (logo) without permission for your personal advertising material or online or offline. Offline advertising material or in any other manner whatsoever.

The use of Atomy brand name shall be restricted to the sole purpose of indicating your distributorship agency of Atomy, India. You cannot claim ownership, co-ownership or other affiliations with the brand except for the limited purpose of distributorship.

41. How will be promotion for Indian members?

It will be similar to Korean members. Some promotions may be adjusted slightly to suit the situation in India.

42. When will the advertising material in English and Hindi be distributed?

We will officially provide it through corresponding website meant for Indian operations and activities.?

43. What is a couple member?

A married couple must be active in one account (code) and divided into a main operator and a secondary (subsidiary) operator. The commission will be paid to the main member.?

44. How do I join if I have no sponsor?

As of now you can do the following. Atomy India has the following Facebook Account. http://bit.ly/FacebookAtomyIndiaOfficial. Put a comment on any post mentioning willingness to join Atomy.

45. How do I refund/exchange the product?

After starting the business i??n India, for return, please fill out the application form and contact us.

46. How will my PV changed, if I return the purchased items?

Your PV for the returned item will be deducted.

47. What is PV?

PV means Point value and it is the point assigned to each product. It is the standard to calculate the score for masterships and commissions.

48. Can I bring Atomy items from Korea or other country and sell them in India?

Please refrain from importing and distributing products that have not undergone the formal registration and custom clearance since they can be punished as illegal action. But you may bring them only for your personal use.

The sales activity of Atomy products in India shall be pursuant to a formal agreement that shall be executed between Atomy India and you who shall act as a distributor after necessary approvals and registrations have been obtained in this regard.

Atomy India follows ethical business practices and endorses the same for all its members and distributors.?

49. Do I need to have my own bank account to become a member of Atomy?

You may have to provide your own bank account cancel cheque for processing the commission.

50. Can I sell Atomy products before Atomy India is officially opened?

It shall be against the law of land as well as company policy if you sell and distribute Atomy products in India before the official opening or launching.

You can only do that after purchasing them from Atomy India shopping mall after the official opening or launching in India.?

51. How can I maintain the membership?

As there is difficulty now to buy the products so your membership will not get expired until we open in India.

52. Do I have to pay for registration fee to join Atomy?

No, there is no registration fee for joining Atomy. Any person claiming to charge for joining or taking registration fees shall be punishable as per company policy & norms. All complaints in this regard may be brought immediately to the notice of the Management of Atomy, India.

53. How can I contact Atomy India?

Atomy India Customer Smile Center number is 0124-4173622.

54. Where will be Atomy India office located?

8th Floor, Magnum Tower 2, Golf course Extension Road, Sector 58, Gurugram, Haryana, India 122011

This is the location of our office : https://goo.gl/maps/D4ZhmMGDPqtfwNnZ7

55. Is there any Atomy India official Website? Is there any Atomy India website or online shopping mall which is opened and available?

We do not have any official website of Atomy India yet, nor Atomy India shopping mall has opened yet. It will be ready next year once we open or launch in India. Please be aware of many websites, Facebook page or group etc. running independently which are not official website run by Atomy. The only official website is “www.atomy.com”

56. When will the official Atomy India Website & Online Shopping mall be launched?

We expect that it will be officially launched in Q2(Apr-June), 2020. 57. If I order the products on Atomy Korea Online Shopping mall, are they delivered to India? Unfortunately, you can only receive the products in Korea if you order them on Atomy Korea Online Shopping mall. It is not delivered to India or any other countries.

58. When is Atomy India going to be opened? When is the Atomy India’s Grand Opening Ceremony?

We expected that Atomy India will be officially launched in Q2(Apr-June), 2020. Grand Opening Ceremony will be held between three and six months after the business starts.

  • Yes, I am interested to do actively this business, if your organization support me for further action. I can give unlimited business in Maharashtra state, if you trust on me. It will be great experience if the quality of products is best


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