Atomy Vs Amway Korea, Fight for 1st place in Korea.

Atomy Head Office

Atomy, a Korean multi-level company, surpassed the sales of Amway Korea, a global company.

If you look at the audit report registered on the electronic disclosure system on the 6th, Atomy’s individual sales in the past year amounted to 7,549 billion won, outpacing the Korean Amway of 7,413 billion won.

This is the first time that Atomy’s annual sales have surpassed Amway Korea.

Atomy continued its upward trend with sales of about 15% compared to the previous year, and Amway Korea decreased by about 4%. Atomy, which recorded approximately 3,158 billion in sales in 2014, grew rapidly every year and succeeded in doubling sales in five years.
However, Amway Korea slightly outperformed Amway Korea by 1,133.2 billion won and Atomy by 1,131.3 billion won, as a result of the sum of membership sponsorship benefits and sales.

Multi-level companies pay sponsorship allowances to certain members, and this amount is deducted from the total sales amount as a subject of sales. Amway Korea and Atomy last year paid members 390 billion won and 376 billion won, respectively.

In Atomy, sales of individual-recognized health functional foods ‘Hemohim’ and cosmetics ‘Absolute Selective’ led the increase in sales. In particular, Hemohim is a single product, surpassing the cumulative sales of KRW 1 trillion, and last year’s sales are also expected to approach approximately 200 billion won.

Amway Korea has been popular in household goods such as air cleaners and water purifier filters.

Atomy has already widened the gap in terms of operating profit. Both companies had lower operating profits compared to the previous year, but the decline in Amway Korea was even greater.

Atomy’s operating profit last year was about 1,054 billion won, down about 3% from the previous year, and Amway Korea’s sales fell by 22% to 783 billion won. The difference between the two companies, which was 7.8 billion won, increased to 271 won.

Atomy is one of the few companies with a competitive edge in a multi-level market where global companies are strong, with 4 out of the top 5 domestic sales being foreign. In addition, it operates 13 overseas subsidiaries, including the United States and Japan, and is expanding its influence in the overseas market by winning the 100 Million Dollar Export Tower for the first time in a multi-level industry.

Meanwhile, the multi-level industry, which grows every year and exceeds the market size of 5 trillion won, is strengthening the 1st and 2nd ranks of Atomy and Amway Korea. According to the Fair Trade Commission, total sales of Atomy and Amway Korea accounted for 43% of total multi-level market sales in 2018.

Translated from Korea Money Today Network(MTN)
애터미·한국암웨이, 1위 자리 놓고 ‘용호상박’


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