Atomy India corporate website pre-opened

Dear respected members.
On April 20, 2020, the India corporate website will be pre-opened at 10 AM India time and 1:30 PM Korea time.
The address of Atomy India’s official website is:
Here are some guidelines for smooth homepage use.

  1. You can check the information on Atomy on the India corporate website. Management philosophy such as Atomy’s motto, entrepreneurial philosophy, management policy and management goals can be found on the website.
  2. You can see a list of products currently being prepared by Indian subsidiaries.
    -As it is being prepared, some products may be difficult to release, but products will be added continuously.
    -All products are priced as MRP (Maximum Retail Price) and member prices will be lower than MRP.
  3. You can access Atomy’s official online broadcasting channel ‘Channel Atomy’ on the homepage and watch various videos about Atomy. Currently only available in English, but videos translated or dubbed in Hindi will be posted later.
  4. Currently, login and shopping mall use are not available on the corporate website, and the date when login and shopping mall are available will be announced later.
  5. Subsequently, members of Atomy India will be called Atomy India Distributors. The Indian Membership Number is called the Atomy Distributor Number (ADN) and is the same as the existing Membership Number.
  6. Please note that posts and information that are not announced on the official website and SNS operated by Atomy India Corporation are not official.
    -India Corporation Official Facebook:
    -India Corporation Official Band:
    We hope that other members will be informed of the pre-opening of the Atomy India corporate website.
    We sincerely thank the members who have always watched and supported us.
    Soon, we will deliver news on schedules for official opening, member transfer and registration, and shopping mall opening.
    If you have any other questions, please contact
    Always be safe and healthy.
    Thank you.
    Atomy India Corporation


  • I need product catalogue, price and business plan ,after seeing I will join.


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