Atomy Sponsor ID

Do you need Atomy sponsor ID?

To join Atomy we need sponsor ID, Sponsor ID is 8 digit number,
If you need Atomy sponsor ID, you can send a Whatsapp message to us. (Bottom of this page, Live chat – Join ATOMY)

Atomy selling high-quality products. Atomy business system is a combination of eCommerce and MLM(Direct selling). But I don’t want to involve MLM business. Just I want to use Atomy Products only,

You can take the sponsor ID from us.
Freely join Atomy by yourself and enjoy atomy.

Feel free and use this ID as your sponsor ID
Atomy provides global one code; This code can be used in any country.
(Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, German, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, The Philippine, Turkey, UK, Vietnam)

( 33762857, 33807728)
(The sponsor ID is daily updated)

Guest ID and Password
Guest ID: 16350186 Password: 123456

If you just want to make a purchase without an assistant, use this sponsor ID.

This ID is continuously updated.


  • I have submitted my documents but havent received my Membership ID. The mobile number on which I was suppose to send the Whats App message for Membership ID Request is saying that registrations are closed till 20 July. Please advise correct status.


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