Direct Selling News June 2020

Direct Selling News (DSN) announced the top 100 global companies by 2020.
Atomy is up 9 levels from last year. Atomy ranks 11th among companies worldwide.

Atomy posted $13.73 billion in sales in 14 markets worldwide including Korea last year, up 13.90% from the previous year.
Atomy ranked “Top 10 companies with high growth rates” was also named.

Atomy is the first multi-level sales company in Korea to be ranked 20th in the DSN Global 100 last year and join the ranks of global direct sales companies.

DSN selects “Global 100” every year for companies submitting direct sales and related documents to prove this.
Source: Mirae Korea Weekly (

2019 Net Sales : 1.3 Billion USD
Country : South Korea
Atomy is a korean network marketing company that was founded in 2009. Its business motto is “Absolute Quality Absolute Price” and main products are heath supplements, skincare products, cosmetics and divers consumer goods

2018 Atomy Rank : 20
2018 Atomy Net sales : 1.15 Billion USD
Sales Method : Multi Level
Atomy Products : Clothing and Accessories, Cosmetics and personal care, Food and Beverage, Home Decor; Kitchenware and Appliances, Wellness
Country : 14
Primary Market : South Korea
SalesPeople of Atomy : 5 Million
Employees: 400
Year of Atomy Found : 2009
Website :

DSN Global News Page 46-54


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